Divine Fingerprints

seeking God’s fingerprints in the things He has created

pascal September 11, 2010

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what do you think of pascal’s riddle?


waiting on the Lord March 1, 2009

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We are as wingless birds,

gliding north for the winter,

through a windless sky.


As I wait on the Lord my eyes are cast down and my soul does not rejoice.  I feel astray, but I wait.


“I am the light of the world” relatively speaking April 5, 2008

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I can not count the number of times Jesus speaks of being the light of the world.  It is my assumption it is used as a metaphor to describe truth and as a contrast to darkness.  Light is one of the strangest things in the physical world.  It has many properties we are just beginning to grapple with.  It is a wave, a particle, and a decent part of a modern physics book full of other stuff.  In the beginning God made light so we know He is not literally light because He existed before it, but if He made it then He also understands all of its properties.

What new insights have we been given in modern times that might allow our eyes to be opened to more of Jesus’ metaphor of light?

Scientist and Theologians start your engines.



Swarm Theory March 14, 2008


I was reading “National Geographic” the other day and came across an article on swarm theory.  Swarm theory attempts to describe the behavior of things like a school of fish, a flock of birds, or a swarm of bees.  Researchers are very interested in learning about their behavior because of the applications in computing and autonomous machines.  The article explained how swarms avoid predators by accomplishing highly coordinated maneuvers that confuse and evade their attacker.  It turns out the key to both awareness of threats and the coordinated response is based on the individual behavior of members of the swarm.  Each member is responsible for being very aware of the state of it’s neighbors.


The church is the body of Christians.  The Holy Scriptures refer to the church as the Body of Christ.  We are instructed to watch over each other in love.  The first requirement of watching over anything is awareness of it’s state.  Physical constraints such as time limit the number of persons each of us can look over at any given time.


John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, observed after more than twenty years of ministry that not following good preaching with putting people together in small groups to work out their salvation was just winning souls for the murderer.  What can we learn from swarms?